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World of Warcraft Classic TBC P2 Stage Guide



Section 2 adds Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye raid, and other PVE content

There are new attacks coming to the Overlords of Outland, and we know about it for a while:

• Serpentshrine Cavern, the six-king invasion of Coilfang Reservoir that ends in a battle with Lady Vashj.

• Eye, the small invasion of the last four kings with the defeat of Kael'thas - but don't worry, this defeat is just a setback. He drops one of the best mountains in the game, the Ashes of Al'ar.

All of these managers will be in their pre-disease condition, and Lady Vashj will be very difficult when she thinks about controlling the players and quickly erasing that attack. When this starts, the previous phase attacks will be transferred to their post-nerf positions, making them easier for any warring factions.

If you do not attack, there are many other changes in the world that may still affect you. Guild banks will be installed. It is good for organizations to share resources, or more often, so that player bank tones have more storage space. The Druids will have their own Swift Flight Form, an expensive development, but worth it.

Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard honors will be added, giving you new content to grind and new rewards to show for it. Sha’tari Skyguard adds the Net Rays as new flying mountains. A little work, and this new, unique climb could be yours. And Ogri’la gives you - well, nothing too important. It is all done by making dailies for both groups, which you may like or dislike.


Phase 2 attempts to make PVP easily accessible with available gears

The BCC does not burn PVP, and new gear options will make it easier for players to jump into battlefields and arenas. In the weeks leading up to Phase 2, the number of Arena Points obtained will increase while the cost of Arena and Honor gear will decrease. This great catchup machine for anyone already PVPing.

But for newcomers to PVP, Phase 2 will add Outland gear, or Battlegear sets. These are pieces of PVP gears, designed to help start 70 new characters in PVP. In order to buy a piece, the character has to be respected with the group that sells each piece, but at 70 level, that’s not too difficult. These sets were not added to the original Burning Crusade until patch 2.4, and installing them earlier will do much to make PVP more accessible.

Then there’s the catch bag for things we don’t know much about. There will be a new Arena Ladder that will help teams decide how to perform and how close they are at the top, but there are no details on this. And, of course, PVP Season 2 will start sometime after the launch of Phase 2, but we're not sure when.


Phase 2 will add an easy-to-collect LFG tool

Blizzard has also confirmed to WoW Classic that this is not a "game" type, but how many (or how many) changes we will have across the BCC remains to be seen. But there is one thing that is certain: if players want to join a retrieval team in the original Burning Crusade, they do so by Looking for the Group - or Trade, or General - chat channels. There was no visible game interface to search for a team.

At BCC, it is widely accepted that the LFG channel is chaotic, and trying to find a group where it is difficult. Instead, the addon is becoming more popular: the LFG Bulletin Board. This is not a team coordinator that automatically accepts, but rather a tool to help organize teams by topics, allowing people to search and whisper to players for team invitations.

Instead of forcing every player to download the same addon, Blizzard saw the need for such a tool and built the same thing in the game. It’s not the LFG that exists in modern WoW, but it does give players a direct way to find other players who want to do the same types of activities. A change in the game, of course, but not the automatic change of Dungeon Finder that came later at the end of Wrath of the Lich King.

You will be able to check all of this content shortly when Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2 will take effect on September 15.

The launch of WoW: BCC earlier this year gave World of Warcraft: Classic Players which needed lots of updates. The update added new maps to Outland, a few final game modes, and ten more levels for players to grind into.

And like the real Classic version which was released 2 years ago, the BCC content will be out in various categories in a few months. With the Second Phase of TBC Classic on the horizon, players are preparing for the first content update from launch.

Here's what you can expect from it when you start Phase Two.

A brand new attack

New attacks will arrive on TBC: The raid will be rolled out to Classic servers in its "pre-nerf" mode, giving players the opportunity to play with their reunion as they did in the early days of the Burning Crusade 14 years ago.

Tempest Keep, notorious for its initial release, will be repaired and finalized. The Serpentshrine Cavern, which was impossible at the border due to its extreme weight. Some players are still suffering from attacks from Phase One.

New groups and worldwide content

If you are familiar with latest update of WoW, the 1st update launch often brings huge new space loads of new applications. Not so in the BCC. The latter of these teams rewarded the players with Nether Ray's honorable preferences for hitting the position of an extended name.

The second PvP period

Phase Two will add battlemode to the shooting process, which is a shortcut for 70 new level players to prepare  PvP content. To win the Battlegear of a team, a player should score a position of honorable name with a particular team. The gear purchased by those Arena Points will also go down in price in Phase Two. So where to buy Safe WoW Gold Well, based on our research it seems like most people who play WoW Classic buy gold from websites like .com. This is the most reliable gold selling website at the moment that also happens to sell tons of high level items.

Also, for players participating in combat zones, the renewal of the line system is to come in Phase 2. Blizzard has been examining the similarities in the combat environment that occur between members of the same group to reduce line times on Classic servers.

Health quality factors

Several health quality additions, such as Guild Banks and Druids' Swift Flight Form, will be included in The BCC in Phase 2.

It allows players to gather other people to be arrested and attack the teams, but the process will not work perfectly. You will still need to do a leg up to bring players to your team. Before the “No change” camp just took off their hooks, there was a chase for Group tool in the early release of the BCC.