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WoW Classic ERA Gold | Hardcore Gold


  • Classic ERA US (LVL1-60)
  • Classic ERA EU (LVL1-60)
  • Hardcore US (LVL1-60)
  • Hardcore EU (LVL1-60)
All A B D E F G H I K L M N O P R S T W Y
  • Anathema - Alliance

  • Anathema - Horde

  • Arcanite Reaper - Alliance

  • Arcanite Reaper - Horde

  • Arugal - Alliance

  • Arugal - Horde

  • Ashkandi - Alliance

  • Ashkandi - Horde

  • Atiesh - Alliance

  • Atiesh - Horde

  • Azuresong - Alliance

  • Azuresong - Horde

  • Benediction - Alliance

  • Benediction - Horde

  • Bigglesworth - Alliance

  • Bigglesworth - Horde

  • Blaumeux - Alliance

  • Blaumeux - Horde

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers - Alliance

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers - Horde

  • Deviate Delight - Alliance

  • Deviate Delight - Horde

  • Earthfury - Alliance

  • Earthfury - Horde

  • Faerlina - Alliance

  • Faerlina - Horde

  • Fairbanks - Alliance

  • Fairbanks - Horde

  • Felstriker - Alliance

  • Felstriker - Horde

  • Grobbulus - Alliance

  • Grobbulus - Horde

  • Heartseeker - Alliance

  • Heartseeker - Horde

  • Herod - Alliance

  • Herod - Horde

  • Incendius - Alliance

  • Incendius - Horde

  • Kirtonos - Alliance

  • Kirtonos - Horde

  • Kromcrush - Alliance

  • Kromcrush - Horde

  • Kurinnaxx - Alliance

  • Kurinnaxx - Horde

  • Loatheb - Alliance

  • Loatheb - Horde

  • Mankrik - Alliance

  • Mankrik - Horde

  • Myzrael - Alliance

  • Myzrael - Horde

  • Netherwind - Alliance

  • Netherwind - Horde

  • Old Blanchy - Alliance

  • Old Blanchy - Horde

  • Pagle - Alliance

  • Pagle - Horde

  • Rattlegore - Alliance

  • Rattlegore - Horde

  • Remulos - Alliance

  • Remulos - Horde

  • Skeram - Alliance

  • Skeram - Horde

  • Smolderweb - Alliance

  • Smolderweb - Horde

  • Stalagg - Alliance

  • Stalagg - Horde

  • Sulfuras - Alliance

  • Sulfuras - Horde

  • Sul’thraze - Alliance

  • Sul’thraze - Horde

  • Thalnos - Alliance

  • Thalnos - Horde

  • Thunderfury - Alliance

  • Thunderfury - Horde

  • Westfall - Alliance

  • Westfall - Horde

  • Whitemane - Alliance

  • Whitemane - Horde

  • Windseeker - Alliance

  • Windseeker - Horde

  • Yojamba - Alliance

  • Yojamba - Horde

  • Defias Pillager-Alliance

  • Defias Pillager-Horde

  • Skull Rock-Alliance

  • Skull Rock-Horde

All A B C D E F G H J L M N P R S T V Z
  • Amnennar - Alliance

  • Amnennar - Horde

  • Ashbringer - Alliance

  • Ashbringer - Horde

  • Auberdine - Alliance

  • Auberdine - Horde

  • Bloodfang - Alliance

  • Bloodfang - Horde

  • Celebras - Alliance

  • Celebras - Horde

  • Dragon's Call - Alliance

  • Dragon's Call - Horde

  • Dragonfang - Alliance

  • Dragonfang - Horde

  • Dreadmist - Alliance

  • Dreadmist - Horde

  • Earthshaker - Alliance

  • Earthshaker - Horde

  • Everlook - Alliance

  • Everlook - Horde

  • Finkle - Alliance

  • Finkle - Horde

  • Firemaw - Alliance

  • Firemaw - Horde

  • Flamelash - Alliance

  • Flamelash - Horde

  • Gandling - Alliance

  • Gandling - Horde

  • Gehennas - Alliance

  • Gehennas - Horde

  • Golemagg - Alliance

  • Golemagg - Horde

  • Harbinger of Doom - Alliance

  • Harbinger of Doom - Horde

  • Heartstriker - Alliance

  • Heartstriker - Horde

  • Hydraxian Waterlords - Alliance

  • Hydraxian Waterlords - Horde

  • Judgement - Alliance

  • Judgement - Horde

  • Lakeshire - Alliance

  • Lakeshire - Horde

  • Lucifron - Alliance

  • Lucifron - Horde

  • Mandokir - Alliance

  • Mandokir - Horde

  • Mirage Raceway - Alliance

  • Mirage Raceway - Horde

  • Mograine - Alliance

  • Mograine - Horde

  • Nethergarde Keep - Alliance

  • Nethergarde Keep - Horde

  • Noggenfogger - Alliance

  • Noggenfogger - Horde

  • Patchwerk - Alliance

  • Patchwerk - Horde

  • pok-Дenap - Alliance

  • pok-Дenap - Horde

  • Pyrewood Village - Alliance

  • Pyrewood Village - Horde

  • Razorfen - Alliance

  • Razorfen - Horde

  • Razorgore - Alliance

  • Razorgore - Horde

  • Retro - Alliance

  • Retro - Horde

  • Shazzrah - Alliance

  • Shazzrah - Horde

  • Skullflame - Alliance

  • Skullflame - Horde

  • Stonespine - Alliance

  • Stonespine - Horde

  • Sulfuron - Alliance

  • Sulfuron - Horde

  • Ten Storms - Alliance

  • Ten Storms - Horde

  • Transcendence - Alliance

  • Transcendence - Horde

  • Venoxis - Alliance

  • Venoxis - Horde

  • Zandalar Tribe - Alliance

  • Zandalar Tribe - Horde

  • Nek'Rosh-Alliance

  • Nek'Rosh-Horde

  • Stitches-Alliance

  • Stitches-Horde

All D S
  • Defias Pillager - Alliance

  • Defias Pillager - Horde

  • Skull Rock - Alliance

  • Skull Rock - Horde

All N S
  • Nek'Rosh - Alliance

  • Nek'Rosh - Horde

  • Stitches - Alliance

  • Stitches - Horde

WoW Classic ERA Gold | Hardcore Gold

About WoW Classic ERA Gold | WoW Classic Hardcore Gold

What is WoW Classic Hardcore?

Dying in a hardcore server is a permanent status! Be sure to take this with a grain of salt, as you cannot be resurrected. After you become a ghost, you can wander the world and interact with other teammates, you don't lose your character, and you can transfer to other non-hardcore realm for free to get respawned!

For being cautious about PVP in hardcore servers.

PvP markers will no longer automatically appear when a player attacks another player, as this is to prevent a large number of deaths from occurring. You you must enter the command "/pvp" for the challenge to trigger!

Overall, good interaction and fair treatment between players is essential to ensure that these highly specialized servers remain a healthy environment. When creating a character, the system reminds you that you must understand and agree to the high-risk nature of Hardcore servers, as well as the permanent and irrevocable nature of death, and the rules governing player behavior.

We welcome all World of Warcraft players to adventure on the Hardcore server once again!

What is WoW Classic Hardcore Gold?

Coming into WoW hardcore server, the thing that players fear the most is death, because death is irrevocable. That's why good wow classic hardcore items and leveling are crucial, and we need to get all these things through wow hard core gold.

World of Warcraft so far more than ten years, there are countless websites to provide players with gold, power leveling support, and Blizzard's rules have always been changing, through the scripts and other gold obtained by the player is banned high risk, and has always insisted on the use of the regular gold farmers to produce gold, for the protection of all players, we do not have customers were banned!

Why Is The Best Place to Buy WoW Classic Hardcore Gold

First of all, offers players affordable World of Warcraft Hardcore Classic Gold prices with a pricing policy that is among the most competitive in the market. This means that players can buy WoW Classic Hardcore gold Paypal at a reasonable price without spending too much money. In addition, often organizes promotional discounts and sales events to provide more valuable services.

Secondly, provides customers with a safe and secure transaction environment. The site utilizes the latest security technology to ensure the safety of all transactions and the confidentiality of information. Customers can buy WoW Hardcore Gold with confidence knowing that their personal information is protected.

Thirdly, provides fast and efficient delivery service. Once the purchase is completed, the WoW Hardcore Gold Coins will be sent to the customer's account quickly. This means that players are able to use the WoW Hardcore Gold immediately so that they can make fast progress in the game.

Finally, has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The site's team of professionals is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience. offers a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their purchases. Buy WoW Classic Hardcore Gold on LootWoW is a safe and secure process. 

What is WOW Classic?

As we have already known that WoW is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which there have been a huge difference than the original version in 2004. Continuous cycle of updates and expansions including WoW Classic, the retro re-release of WoW in its near-original state have changed the system. In a word, WOW Classic is a server option for the MMORPG WOW.

WOW Classic will be an almost exact recreation of WOW as it existed in 2006 just as the name 'classic' said. It means that intuition and dynamic will be less, slower and more lethal may be available, especially taking a hell of a lot longer while exploring the WoW.

Expected more than WOW Classic will resurrect that hardcore breed of MMO that so many players originally fell in love with. In WOW Classic, it's built using patch 1.12, titled Drums of War, released on August 22, 2006, equipment and abilities will remain stable in order to reflect the minor adjustment that Blizzard made with each path while dungeons, raids, and PVP features will constantly change.

When does WOW Classic start?

It's already announced that WOW Classic will be released this summer, the most possibility is on August 27, participants selected from existing players are able to begin a close beta will start on May 15.

About WOW Classic Gold

It is the unified currency in the game of WOW Classic for almost everything such as exchanging WOW Classic items.

Although most of the time, it is allowed to earn WoW Classic Gold by competing the quests or farming, doing that in conventional ways like these is time-consuming based on the past experience of WOW series.

Since lootwow is one of your best choices for WOW series, it is a trustworthy site to help you stock up WoW Classic Gold and save much time.

lootwow's goal is to create a more quality and safer global gamer service platform for all customers in WOW series, where you can Buy WoW Classic Gold or other items you want.

lootwow can guarantee that all the orders can be delivered within 10 minutes. All prices of the goods are indeed reasonable with good service and fast delivery based on satisfying-full inventory and reliable suppliers.

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  • 100% REFUND

    Once you buy wow gold via Paypal,it is 100% guaranteed. If your order is delayed or undeliverable, you will receive a full refund.

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  • so far was a really quick experience, using AH without problem and even with recommendation of the chat to not use green items and relist some epic instead. By now i have nothing bad to say and we will see in time if blizzard have something to say in my account hehe

  • I've made 2 separate purchases from LootWow both withing guaranteed delivery time and have received the full amount.