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World of Warcraft 9.1 Guide



Evaluation in Shadowlands

This guide will help you to extend the rank of your character and instruments. To choose a contract for the main character, you will have to complete every new quest. At the moment the final one is available at only 60. After finishing the whole story, you will find a 9.5 LVL with a war mode feature, the other half of the scale should be planted in optional questlines or standard holes (~ 15 additional questions or 2 standards). If you are planning to scale from the beginning of the game, try to get out of the crowd as often as possible at first, things that can be used at speeds (up to 51 LVL) and boots will be very helpful. Climbing the Shadowlands is way too easy than the Legion and BFA, and the whole process for a single character takes about 5 to 6 hours.

Shadowlands Route Direction Tips And Travel

• The best thing is to rate a guild of five people and war mode (+ 10% experience and 3 PVP DPS talent). Remember to apply group values. Each member should contain an AutoTurnIn addon.

• In the meantime, getting a regular prisoner you can get ~ 50k + experience, and if you run a standard one containing a guild of 5 members, there is a greater benefit than making demands. For the most part, it doesn't matter, but for adults, it's the best way to get organized. If you do not use war mode, you must use the standard for the character.

• Don't spend much time looking for gems and hunting rare creatures, they probably don't give you experience. Do not rob the crowd at all, if it’s not a quest.

• Goblin Glider, Gumshoes and Bear Tartare are the most non-edible items to measure, that are not prepared (can be prepared before the release of SL)

• Reducing the key to 60 and using the initial contract requirements and time figures shown in the guide requires approximately 80 boots and 50 gliders.

• An additional demand in the area where a special icon is found (swords), we try to make those requests when they appear, anywhere (1x on Bastion, 1x on Ardenweald and 2x on Revendreth)

• If your character has ~135 lvl gear, then you shouldn’t change it up to 60 lvl, the Azerites / neck/dress are more powerful than their SL counterparts and should be good up to 0 myths (183 ilvl). If all lvl is less than 135, then you should shifting gears around ~ 58 LVL.

• When measuring instruments, you can use any locations in any format, you do not need to make inquiries, and if the devs do not correct information in standard holes, then you can simply climb normally in a group of 5 people.


The Covenant is the main part of Shadowlands, and it will make you select 4 options instantly after you reach the 60th level of the main. In adults, the covenant can be used after you complete the first series in Maw, i.e. level 51. But building development and contract settlement will begin in the '60s.

Ways to change Covenant is Shadowlands:

Changing the covenant is a critical decision, you cannot go back to the covenant you left almost seven days, so finish the ongoing queries and use the resources of the covenant, they can’t proceed to a new covenant. Covenant can be changed at Oribos in the town hall of Bolvar. Talk to a new covenant representative and he or she will suggest a switch option.

• Player can’t finish two requirements simultaneously to get back the covenant where you were. You have to initial search first and then get back to the covenant.

• Changing the agreement from one time to the next is different.

• Some transmogs, illusions and mounts are limited to a special covenant, and if you change the covenant, you cannot change use them again.

Preparation in Shadowlands

So when you get to 60, let's see how you can upgrade the equipment in Shadowlands. First, major gear-related changes in Shadowlands:

• No more Warforged or Titanforged processes, items have only 1 option.

• Socks can be on helmets, belts, bracelets, rings and amulets. 6 spaces in total.

• Higher education statistics can be applied to anything without limits. Meanwhile: leech, avoidance, and speed.

• Limited bonus (Coins).

• Main loots remains the same which was personal loot.

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New Raid - Sanctum of Domination in Patch 9.1: Chains of Governance

The Sanctum of Domination is a ten-strong attack on the inside of Torghast and is reached from the northeast part of the Maw. It contains several known characters. Inside we will find out more about Prison secrets, and face top officials Kel'Thuzad and Syvanas Windrunner in meetings that will change the future of the Shadowlands.

The raids will involve an increase in the level of items to 259 items looted, including special Shards of Domination values that can be converted into specific pieces of gear to give various combat bonuses.

Megadungeon, Tazavesh, Married Market, Patch 9.1: Chains of Governance

Megadungeons has returned to the Shadadowlands Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination, with an example of 8 executives of Broker Trading City, Tazavesh, Divided Market. Like Operation: Mechagon, it will start as Mythic only, with the exception of the Mythic + version. Each boss in Tazavesh also has a tough mode.

The first part of the inmate will be looking at the market, encountering a variety of brokers we have never seen before, which has led to history in the second half, as we chase a dealer who stole something through various sites, locations, and managers.