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WoW Wotlk Classic: P2 Fire Law Rising Ahead of Schedule



From the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgia service P2 stage test, warlock should be the strongest of all DPS professions. At the same time, players also believe that the mage wants to rise until the P4 stage after a high amount of blows. However, when the P2 stage really opened, players found that the fire law has risen early.

From the latest boss battle data on WCL, you can see that the top 20 in the battle of Hodir are all fire law (frost and fire talent), the top three fire law second damage reached 3.1W, which is also the highest second damage data in O'Doul at present.

The main reason why fire magic is so strong is because the following 3 buff bonuses are available during boss fights in Hodir.

1, The storm cloud provided by the shaman NPC can provide players with a 135% bonus to blast damage.

The fire method itself has a large number of blast chance, and this burst damage bonus can make the fire method's single damage directly burst the table. Before many players envy the warlock's one shot damage blast can hit 2W, while the fire law in the boss battle of Hodir one shot damage can hit 7-8W, is completely qualitative leap.

2, Standing next to a fire can attach 3000 points of flame damage to each spell, while providing 2% spell vulnerability for 25 seconds, and can stack up to 30 times.

Players can get 60% of the spell easy damage as long as they will find the fire, plus 13% of the small virtues, and all of the legal system can take off directly.

3, Druid NPC will provide a 100% haste aperture.

Although blast is the core attribute of fire law, but haste also has a huge bonus for fire law, 100% haste is equivalent to improve the DPS twice.

The reason why fire magic can be one of the double kings in the P4 stage is because the attribute of green damage has been significantly improved. And Hodir's battle is equivalent to letting the mage feel the perfect attributes in advance, so it's no surprise that the fire law is so powerful.

Some players may feel that fire magic is only in Hodil this specific BOSS above the bright performance, and a single BOSS does not prove anything, compared to fire magic, warlock is more comprehensive. In fact, this is not the case.

From the data of all the bosses on WCL, warlocks have little advantage anymore, such as the zero-light Yogsalon, which is considered by players to be the home of warlocks, and currently ranked first is also fire magic, while warlocks can only rank second.

The copy of O'Doul contains a total of 17 bosses, and from the latest data on WCL, the Warlock is left with just one deck, and that deck is Mimirron. After all, Mimilon's P4 stage comes with 3 targets, and Agony is indeed stronger than Pyromancy in terms of 3-target combat.

In terms of AOE, Pyromancy has likewise surpassed Warlock at this stage. The warlocks are still thinking about how to blow up higher damage through the seeds when the fire spells are already thinking about how not to OT.

You should know that it is still only the P2 stage, which belongs to the strong period of the warlock. In accordance with this progress, when the P3 stage is open, fire magic will also fully surpass the warlock, by the time the P4 stage, fire magic will grow to the point where other professions can not reach. The only one who can arm wrestle with the fire law berserk war, also need to get the orange axe first.

The above is some views introduce the Fire Law Rising Ahead of Schedule. In today's WLK version, gold is really indispensable, buy wow gold is the most normal thing nowadays, Players can use lootwow website to check it out.