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WoW TBC: T5 Hunter three tips



Compared to the World of Warcraft TBC nostalgic service P1 stage, P2 stage hunter instance status has declined to a certain extent, if the number of guild hunters is relatively small is just, the problem is that the number of hunters is not a lot, in this case, hunters players need to stabilize their ability to instance the first position.

Although each occupation in the instance of the open matters need to pay attention to much the same, but for the hunter of this occupation, there are still three need to master the practical tips.

1, the use of poisonous snake traps in the Phoenix BOSS

Although the phoenix is the storm fortress gatekeeper BOSS, but the difficulty of the phoenix is not low, which also led to a lot of wild group a night also did not beat the phoenix. As a long-range occupation of the hunter in the Phoenix BOSS has a natural advantage, and can also be a skill to improve the team's fault tolerance.

Experience the phoenix open players should know that the phoenix into the P2 stage after the release of meteorite skills, skills of damage for 15W, the need for the whole group of players to share. It is reasonable to say that this skill is needed to share the whole group to eat the damage, however, it is interesting that in order to reduce the damage suffered, even the mage directly refrigerator, in this case, the mage should bear the damage transferred to other players head.

For hunters, in response to this skill, you can use the skill of Viper Trap in advance, once more 7 units, equivalent to 7 more members to share the damage, 2 hunters is an additional 14 units. You only need to let the anti-rider pull the small phoenix trigger on it, after all, the anti-rider is also needed to come over to share the damage.

2, the use of viper traps in the astrologer BOSS

In addition to the phoenix, poisonous snake trap this skill in the astrologer this BOSS is also very good to use. The most likely skill to cause attrition in the astrologer is the random naming of the arcane missile.

Although the hunter can not force the BOSS skill naming viper traps, but the number of units, each player did not name the chances will also decline, and the astrologer not only has a close stage, will also brush small monsters, fully enough to allow the hunter to trigger the viper traps.

3, the treatment of the blind eye mind demon

The blindness of the Temple of the Viper is not very difficult, but it is interesting that after the end of the first opening part of the hunter said he could not beat the heart of the devil, and at the same time was also taunted by the whole group of players, after all, the hunter's kite ability is very strong.

In fact, there are two main reasons why the hunter players do not play off the heart of the devil, one is the P1 stage when there is no control of the pet, resulting in the pet hanging off, the second reason is the lack of weapon proficiency, resulting in the fall trip this skill continued not to hit.

For the heart of the devil's problem, a better choice of skills is a raptor strike + fall trip + arcane shooting + shock shooting + multiple shooting, this set down, the heart of the devil can basically be second.


/castsequence reset=6 fall trip,meerkat bite,fall trip,fall trip

/cast Raptor Strike

/castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] Kill command

/cast auto-fire


/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Since many players at this stage use cramp macros and even forget that there is still the skill of fall trip, in this case, you can use the above melee macro to solve the problem (pay attention to your own format).

The above 3 tips do not directly enhance the player's output, but can allow hunters to have a better performance in the instance, so that the head of the eyes, the instance of the first position will have more and more solid. Of course, if you want to be the most crucial teammate inside World of Warcraft, then buying World of Warcraft classc items is a necessary choice for you. Here we recommend lootwow website, very reliable!