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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Chains of Domination 9.1 Patch



 Almost 8 months have passed since the release of the Shadowlands expansion pack. Mythic raids, +25 mythic + dungeons have been completed and game content has been completely consumed. With covenant Questlines, players have completed their fight in Shadowlands territory in terms of PVE by making 40 renown. Now, with the new patch, the doors of a magnificent adventure awaits the players. Many new things are waiting for us with the new patch that we continue to fight with the Jailer and his soldiers. If you are playing on one of the world of warcraft eu or us servers, start looking for a good guild now. Generally, guilds require a higher gear level. If you do not have a high item level, you can meet your needs by buy wow gold eu.”

 So what awaits us in the future of Shadowlands? We will examine dozens of new changes in professions, classes, dungeons and raids altogether. We had the opportunity to experience the details of the update early with our experiences in PTR. Now let's go into a little more detail together.

Shadowlands Pathfinder - Flying in Shadowlands Patch 9.1

 As in every expansion, we will be able to start flying in Shadowlands after a certain period of time. Unlocking fly by raising reputation or doing pathfinder 1,2-style missions, as in past expansion packs, does not apply to Shadowlands. According to the impressions in PTR, the most important step of flying is to complete all of your Covenant's missions. Afterwards, since the renown limit from 40 will increase to 59, we need to increase our renown amount to 59 with weekly quests and mythic + rewards.

After Renown becomes 59, we will have an item called memories of sunless skies that all our characters have. This item will be available for Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth. The new map Korthiada, Maw and Orisbosta will not have the ability to fly.

Finally, after completing the quests required for flying on The Maw map, we will be able to use ground mounts in the Maw. However, there is an important point here. In order to use mounts in the Maw, it will be necessary to do the tasks of flying with each character.

New Raid - Sanctum of Domination Bosses: Chains of Domination

 It's time to fight Slyvanas Windrunner, considered one of the greatest villains in the Warcraft universe. We are faced with a raid that we can describe as the culmination of the Shadowlands expansion and will shape the future of the next World of Warcraft universe. With Sanctum of Domination raid, we encounter a total of 10 new Bosses. We will fight with the eyes of the Jais in this raid, where we will learn deeper secrets about the Jailer.

However, these battles will be challenging if the gear does not have a high item level, you may have a hard time. If you do not have the item level to fight with new raid bosses, you may want to buy wow gold eu or items. We wouldn't be wrong to say that we will witness the most dramatic scenes in Wow history. I want to give details about the bosses without further ado.

· The Tarragrue;  It is a boss with enormous size and great power that chases after and kills the unsuccessful characters in the depths of Torghast. The biggest way to cut this boss is to get the appropriate buffs in the anima powers. Then we need to dodge the "Hungering Mist" skill that the boss uses for a certain period of time. The platform we fight turns dark and the characters caught in this darkness die by taking high damage. The only way to prevent this is to increase our movement speed by taking the "Satchel of the Hunt" anima power.

· Eye of the Jailer It is an eye that allows Jailer to see everything in Azeroth and the Shadowlands. Jailer decided to use the eye to serve him in the old times and changed it. Now it appears as one of our vacancies in the new raid.

· The Nine;  A boss we do not have clear information about yet.

· Remnant of Ner'zhulHe was the shaman of the Shadowmoon Orc Clan in Draenor and the leader who created the Outland. He was killed while desperately waiting to become the Lich King. We are now fighting him as the 4th boss of the Sanctum of Domination Raid.

· Soulrender Dormazain; We meet again with the great orc chief Garrosh Hellscream. But this time he is in pain. Sulrender Dormazain is Torghast's torturer and a soldier of the Jais. The last person he tortured was Hellscream. He tries to grow stronger by feeding on his pain, anger and hatred. You have to be very careful with the damage from Garrosh's screams.

· Painsmith Raznal; He is a sadistic genius who sets up experiments and traps in Raznal Torghast. His sadism is more frightening than any creature in Torghast. He prides himself on the screams of his victims. Because this shows its success. He uses his abilities to destroy anyone trying to take Torghast's secrets.

· Guardian of the First Ones; It is one of the divine beings known as the firsts. It was pulled by the Jailer through its chains from a land that did not know. It has a purpose of protecting passwords and information. It tries to destroy anyone who tries to steal this information.

· Fatescribe Roh-KaloAfter being captured by Mawsworn, who served as the Jailer's army, he was tortured and brainwashed to work at the Jailer's command. It becomes our 8th boss, Roh-Kalo, who says that the threads of fate are in their hands.

· Kel'Thuzad; Kel'thuzad, the master of dark magic, appears again. After being killed by Arthas, he described his bond with the Jailer, saying that he was not alone anymore and that he had only one friend and the voice took him to his destination. After getting stronger than before in the land of Maldraxxus, Raid comes up to fight again.

The Fate of Sylvanas Windrunner

· Sylvanas Windrunner; And now is the time. Next is Sylvanas Windrunner, one of the most beloved anti-heroes of the Warcraft universe. In the middle of the danger that awaits the Oribo and the whole land, we encounter Sylvanas. The Banshee Queen, who has internal conflicts and is not entirely sure of her agreement with the Jailer, will determine the future of Shadowlands with the choices she will make.

 As the final boss, Sylvanas will try to protect the Jailer at the cost of her life, and perhaps we will witness one of the most dramatic moments we will experience. Great transmogs will be waiting for the players who manage to destroy Sylvanas. We will continue to share as we are informed about what will happen next.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 9.1 Mega Dungeon, Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

 Another content that will come to Shadowlands with 9.1 patch is a brand new mega dungeon. Operation: Do you remember the Mechagon dungeon? Just like that. In this dungeon consisting of 8 new bosses, you will fight against mysterious collectors, assassins, pirates and guards. In addition, there is a possibility of pet and mounts dropping in this dungeon. In the first part of the dungeon, you will explore the dungeon and the environment, and in the last part, you will find yourself in a robbery. Tazavesh, the Veiled Marke Mega Dungeon is likely to be very challenging on the Mythic + level.

New Map - Mysterious City Korthia

 A new map is added with the 9.1 patch. Korthia will be a map we will use frequently while continuing the main quests. Along with the Korthia map, there are many new contents that we will talk about in the professions section. We know that Jailer is looking for a key in Korthia to achieve his goals. The reason why Jailer chose this place is that in earlier times, the Shadowlands information center and library was Korthia. We will update our article as new information about the Korthia map becomes available.

What can beginners and returnees do in 9.1 patch?

 We can say that there is a gap between the players who have just started the game or who have played before and returned and the players who are still playing. With 9.1 patch, there are some things new players can do.

 The most important of these is, for example, you play on one of the wow eu servers, you started the game and your item level is extremely low. You will have to do Torghast, weekly quests, etc. activities for weeks or even months to catch up with those who are already playing the game. I know how annoying this can be.

 Therefore, in addition to the items you collect from World Quests, you can either type "buy wow gold eu" in the search engine or buy gold for any server from the wow eu gold section on our website. So what do we do with this gold? We will buy a very simple BoE item. With World Quests, you can complete the missing 194 ilvl by purchasing BoE over 207 ilvl.

 Chains of Domination 9.1 Patch and Professions

Alchemy; Currently, there are some details about this profession that have been published.

· Burst’s; Bursts are new profession materials for recreational cosmetics in the game. There is no clear information yet on whether it will be sold on AH. Bursts are: Blossom Burst, Glory Burst, Marrow Burst, Torch Burst, and Widow Burst.

Cooking: We do not see a useful new thing in the cooking profession like alchemy. There are 3 new dishes related to cooking. None of these dishes give buffs.

· Bonemeal Bread: It regenerates 30000 health in 20 seconds. It is necessary to sit while eating.

· Porous Rock Candy: It is a recipe for Pve and RP content. There is no buff or health regeneration feature.

· Twilight Tea: It is a recipe that has not yet received a new update in PTR and needs to regenerate mana.


· Vantus Rune Technique: Sanctum of Domination: Before the fight starts with the Sanctum of Domination raid boss that you have trouble fighting, you can increase your versatility by 100. Its effect lasts for 1 week. Remember that you can only use one Vantus Rune per week.

· Technique: Contract: Death's Advance: This recipe teaches you how to make the Death's Advance contrat. So what does Death's Advance do? It is a contract that allows you to earn reputation for each quest when you complete any world quest in Shadowlands.


· Porous Stone Statue, and Shaded Stone Statue: These are the life-giving sculptures that players who have raised the jewelcrafting profession can make. After placing the statue on the ground, it starts healing you. There is currently no clear information on how to obtain the recipes.


· Toys: Two new leatherworking toys that we don't know yet have any functionality or not. Pallid Bone Flute and Pallid Oracle Bones. These toys can be learned from Tanner Au'qil, the leatherworking teacher in Oribos.

General Job Changes and Recommendations for Making Gold

In this section, we will talk about very important job changes. We will also explain some of the wow gold making tactics in this section. Especially with these tactics we will give you, you can be ready for the 9.1 Sanctum of Domination patch.

· Crafter's Mark III: With Crafter's Mark II, which we obtained by increasing Venar’i reputation, there were hundreds of thousands of wow shadowlands gold making opportunities. For those who don't know, Crafter's Mark II is a recipe that can increase the item level of items to 168. It is a recipe that can increase the item level to 200 in Crafter's Marks III.

In order to learn this recipe, you will be able to buy from the npc named Duchess Mynx by making Death's Advance reputation level honored. Considering the wow eu gold token prices, you may want to add some gold.

· Crafter’s Mark of the Chained Isle: Another new profession item is Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle, which has the same characteristics as Crafters Marks. The feature of this recipe is that it can only make an item you can choose 230 item level. The recipe can be obtained from Duchess Mynx by increasing reputation.

· Vestige of Origins: And now it's time for a new profession element that we can offer you as a wow shadowlands gold making advice. Vestige of Origins is an item you can use to upgrade your Legendary Items from Rank4 to Rank 5. Although there is no new information about how it works, it makes some ideas come alive in our minds. With Vestige of Origins, you can use only one item that you raise the item level.  Now let's get to the advice we can give you. You must have some gold for this tactic. If you do not have enough gold, we strongly recommend that you go to the LootWoW website to buy Wow gold eu

If you have provided enough gold, you need to upgrade your Leatherworking and Blacksmithing legendary items, especially spaulders and pants, to rank 4. 

This means that you will invest some amount. However, when the 9.1 patch arrives, we can assure you that you can increase 10 times that money. Because you will be able to upgrade the Legendary items you have brought to rank 4 to Rank 5 and sell them to 150 200k from AH.

· Korthium: Korthium is an item that can be obtained through daily quests and sold on AH. There is no information yet that we can obtain it as a mine or in a way that we can farm. However, Cortiums are the basic materials of Vestige of Origins. To make Vestige of Origins, you need 20 Korthians. This will make corthium a sought-after material. Later there may be new ways to get Korthium, eg Dungeons, Torghast etc

Epilogue and the release date Sanctum of Domination

 Days left until the TBC's release date on June 1st. Blizzard is clearly aiming to satisfy the players in terms of Wow shadowlands content this summer. We don't know when the Sanctum of Domination 9.1 patch will arrive. However, considering that TBC was released on June 3, we can predict that the 9.1 patch may come towards Autumn. Of course, this is our prediction that Blizzard may surprise players by announcing an early date.

 In short, there is a lot of time. In this gap, you may want to learn a little profession by considering the World of Warcraft eu token prices. You can improve yourself in wow gold eu mining and enter the 9.1 Chains of Domination patch as equipped.