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WoW Classic TBC Professions Guide



 TBC Classic has less than a week to debut. We continue to share with you all the information we have about TBC with Pre-Patch. Our article today is about professions. Professions have often been central to the World of Warcraft universe. With the start of TBC Classic, there are 10 basic professions, including 3 secondary professions. First, I want to start with the secondary profession. Because these professions are basically the simplest

Secondary Professions

First Aid: It is the profession to be found in every player who creates a character in TBC Classic. For players who don't have healing spells as a character trait or don't want to learn Alchemy as a profession, First Aid is a great alternative. By producing bandages in the Heavy Netherweave Bandage style, there is no need to worry about your health as you venture into the TBC Classic universe. Also, the materials you need to level up the First Aid profession are simple items. Because of this, you can level up quickly.


Fishing: Fishing seems to be the most time-consuming profession in the TBC Classic. When we consider TBC's rich cooking details, fishing will be both fun and delicious. Once you become a master fisherman, you have the chance to drop special battle pets. Especially Magical Crawdad and Toothy are some of them. Fishing profession provides consumables for many professions such as Alchemy. You have to remember that there are some annoying fish. You will need special skills to catch these fish.


 Cooking: Cooking is one of the most needed professions in both Retail and TBC Classic. The food we cook usually gives various buffs. And it increases your stats based on the food you eat. You can also find a very good way to gain gold when specializing in the cooking profession, especially when combined with skinning and herbalism. You can earn enormous profits by selling the various food you produce on AH. You need some ingredients to level up in cooking. These materials can waste a lot of your gold. Therefore, you may need to buy WoW TBC Classic Gold in order to regain the gold you lost. When the dungeons and raids arrive, dishes like Smoked Sagefish will be highly desirable. Because after eating them, it regenerates 5/1 mana and health.

Primary Professions

Mining: Mining is one of the biggest foraging profession in terms of TBC Classic. In some areas, you can dig mineral and ore stones. These ore you mine provide mateirals for Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelry. Using Gathermate2 style addons, you can easily see the stones you need to dig from your minimap. Mining is extremely popular at this point for players who want to farm gold. This is because the materials from collecting allow you to develop more than one profession. You can melt the ores you collect or sell them profitably by producing bars.

Another important point is that the ores you collect by mining are very important in order to find the gems that the jewelery profession needs. But it should not be forgotten that there will be very high competition for mining. I have already determined a few farm locations for you.

Fel_Iron: Hellfire Peninsula and Tarot Card Forest

Adamantite: Negreanu

Since there will be an extremely high demand for these materials, you need to keep track of the prices you will sell.

Reputations for Blacksmithing in Burning Crusade Classic

Blacksmithing: It's time for blacksmithing. Blacksmithing is a craft rather than a profession. Because players can create plate armors, axes, swords, and some special recipes that will work in the game. With the latest updates, we learned that we can build much larger equipment in the TBC. Therefore, blacksmithing stands out as a very good profession for earning gold. When mining and blacksmithing unite, it means that the way for harmonious development is opened.


Jewelry: Jewelery is my favorite profession since retail. Along with TBC, you may need to learn at first levels to become a Jewelcrafting master. The jewelery profession may be considered new to TBC. You can produce rings, necklaces, and trinkets in jewelry. You have to spend a long time in the game to obtain these gems. Since it has a level of 1-375, you can get fast level by obtaining gold from outside. I can recommend to buy wow classic gold for this.


Engineering: It is a very fun profession that I have a hard time doing. Engineering is one of TBC Classic's indispensable professions. If you want to craft metal parts, inventions and long-range weapons, this profession is for you. You should not forget that the engineering profession will work when it runs parallel to mining. This means that the materials you produce with engineering will be sold at enormous prices. In addition, engineers can make their own flying mounts, if you want to get more detailed information on this subject, you can check the Turbo Charged flying machine.


Herbalism: In Herbalism, it is a foraging profession like any other. Those who take the profession of Herbalism must also take the profession of Alchemy. You can use the herbs you collect with Herbalism for Alchemy, Cooking and Engineering. Especially the pots and flasks you produce from flowers are extremely valuable. Because these potions are reset after death and must be purchased again. The plants that will work best for you in herbalism are Fel Lotus and Mana Thistle.

Trained Alchemy Recipes

Alchemy: Herbalism is a profession that turns the herbs you collect into healing potions. Alchemy is the most needed profession. Because the potions you produce with Alchemy are the most valuable buffs that players can find in the game. It is necessary to constantly use these potions to complete some important dungeons and raids. This profession is always needed, as there will always be a need for potions produced with Alchemy. If you are new to the game, Herbalism and Alchemy are the professions you should get. If you do not want to deal with improving the profession at the beginning of the game, you can boost your profession by some ways. Easiest of these is to buy wow classic gold.


Skinning: This profession allows you to collect skins by skinning mobs such as Beasts, Dragonkin, and Demon. Skinning is often used in conjunction with Leatherworking. Because you can get very good golds by processing the leather you produce with skinning with leatherworking. You can start raising your skinning level from the first level by learning in Hellfire.


Leatherworking: Skinning is a profession that turns the skins you collect into armor. Generally, Druids and Hunters use this profession together with skinning. This profession is very strong in terms of PVE, as you can produce Drums of Battle when you learn this profession.

Tailoring: Tailoring is a profession where you can craft bags, cloth gear, and light armor. Often used in conjunction with the Enchanting profession. In particular, you can produce excellently expensive materials such as Mantle of Nimble Thought, Hand of Eternal Light, However, for these skills, the level of the profession should be 350.

Enchanting: It is one of the most difficult professions to learn. As mentioned above, this profession is generally used with tailoring. Enchanting generally converts equipment outside the needs of players into dust essences and crystals. Finally, the enchanting profession can add buffs to items such as enchant gloves, enchant weapons, enchant boots.