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WoW Classic TBC Items, Weapons, Materials Content



Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon

Almost the entire Healing category will be looking for this trinket in the Burning Crusade Classic, as percentage-based trinkets will always retain their value because they measure well based on gears and quality. Nothing changes with this Dark Portal trinket, which means it's still the best pre-raid on the Slot trinket! For the green Healing Trinket, Eye of the Dead and Rejuvenating Gem are still in high demand.

Naaru's hammer

Should Sham or Paladin get it? Old question. Not to be overlooked is the power of the borderline op and the dps power that the Naaru Hammer gives you wearing.

First of all, 120 dps is not a joke. However, the bonuses of plus 44, plus 41, and plus 37 and your character's strength, stamina, and ingenuity, respectively, are the main attraction of this weapon, including some advantages that come after you prepare its socks.

But you the most effective attackers, the buffs provided by the shaman and this weapon are completely wild, and should be taken into account the advantages of their team describing the meta.

Everything assumes that you do not want to miss out on these exciting times. Good luck to grind the supreme king Maulger in this beauty.


Staff of Immaculate Recovery

"It's like holding a priest with a stick" -

Immaculate Conception staff is healers dream. The dps are almost 70, so anything, right? The increase in the number made is; plus 73 Stamina, plus 51 Intellect, and plus 35 Spirit. After all, we work with some crazy people. To compliment this on the Nth level, we have armor bonuses;

• 1. increase the treatment done to 443 and the damage done to 148 for all spells and magical effects.

• 2. Returns four manas in 5 seconds.

To remain faithful to his name, is it not? This tool is the ultimate weapon not only for removing herbs and restoring other people's lives, but also for restoring your resources.



A mage-sized cone, Sunflare embodies that old-fashioned WoW weapons look with their intricate design that is completely filled with a strange orange flame. The unlawful legal benefits are as follows; plus 17 powers, plus 20 intelligence, no socket socket.

Armor bonuses are;

• 1. improve spelling of the critical strike rate by 30 (1.36% @ L70).

• 2. Improve the spelling rate by 23 (1.46% @ L70).

If you do not do that, there is a good chance that you will wish to use anything same as staff of torrents, which does not need paring and gain all its uses as soon as you remove it.

If you find unused items to collect with them, which you are probably doing at this point in your account tour, then you will want to kill Kil'jaeden on the Sunwell Plateau. You will probably spend most of your TBC trips here, so get comfortable!


Brilliant Wizard Oil

While there is Superior Wizard Oil in the Burning Crusade Classic, which only provides green Spell damage, Brilliant Wizard Oil retains its value by giving casters a Critical Strike Rating. For some riders, the Critical Strike Rating may be more important than the green spell damage, so it depends on your category. Fire Mages for example will always be looking for as many Critical Strike Chances as they can get!

Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury

"Hunt hunter."

162 DPS and 59 weapons of clean power come in here, guys. Thoridal, Stars ’Fury is undoubtedly it is one of the best weapons. Not for its ability of beating the enemy from a distance with it. This special bow is recognizable from miles away and its intricate design, and it puts a 17-speed mod on the wearer.

Real meat is in armor bonuses;

• 1. Improve critical damage rate by 16 (0.72% @ L70).

• 2. Increase attacking power by 34.

• 3. Your attack ignores your opponent's 112 outfits.

• 4. Increases attack speed by approximately 15%. Not limited to quiver or ammo poch results.

• 5. Thori'dal produced magical arrows while pulling a bow. It does not use ammo.



After getting the vortex mats and mastersmith rank needed to get the dragonmaw? You can get a 90 DPS weapon with a plus 9 stamina bonus. More of this weapon has the potential for rapid entry to increase your speed limit by 212 in 10 seconds, just like the gods are heroes who want to inflict those bullets of rage (affected by the speed of the weapons.)

On the right hand side, top listed weapons a hero can use, and it includes bonus of being a complete icon in the WoW series.

 Azzinoth's Warglaive

"Rogue wep."

Indeed, one distinct sword of this weapon is clean. But what it makes best of best is its bonus sets with every hit. A fast rate of 450 in 10 seconds, and you get a 200 plus attack bonus when you fight the demons.

That’s more than the reason that these things are obviously solid even without a set bonus. It will enchanter you mind with immediate removal after discovering (actually, available.) Bullying on BG with this set item.

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Elixir Murder

Elixir of Demonslaying is a key feature in The Burning Crusade Classic, competing with Elixir of Major Agility as the main food for the melee characters. Of course, whenever the enemy's target is the Demon, the Demonlaying Elixir will reign supreme. Initially, Flask of Petrification was in this position, but it turns out that in Patch 2.1.0 Blizzard has changed it so Flask of Petrification can no longer be removed while the buff is active! This means that the Flask of Petrification could be used and immediately canceled to avoid boss mechanics or delete!

Black Book

While this is a class-forgotten trick from Blackwing Lair, it becomes a complete beast during the Warlocks simulation in the Outlands. The talent of 41 points in the Demonology tree is Summon Felguard, the Black Book also empowering, which means that the Warlocks are chasing an invading boss like a demonic pet, making air balances a must.

The Mind of Renewing Value

Another class trinket from Blackwing Lair, Mind Quickening Gem is a great help in Outland, as Spell Haste becomes an important feature in the Burning Crusade Classic. While Spell Haste is not a percentage, it goes well with the player's gear, as you get a lot of spelling damage and hit hard with your skills, throwing you too fast means even more damage!

Styleen Setting Cone

Continuing the trend of Blackwing Lair trinkets, Styleen's Impending Scarab becomes the absolute Pre-Raid Best in the Protection Warriors Slot trinket and Protection Paladins. Defense capability and defense rating are not exactly the same, but tanks will need to set as much protection as possible in the Burning Crusade Classic, and this is a great way to get ahead of the blacklist, giving you a starting +20 Defense Level.