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WoW Classic TBC Guide



Welcome to the Outlands

When you thought that all of the Classic content was getting a little repetitive, the developers at Blizzard now give you new ways to play WoW. Even though they keep the same formula, they always have something interesting to keep their community captivated. As a result, when you download the new files and play through The Burning Crusade, you’ll have better ways to spend your gaming sessions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new player or a recurring veteran. The Classic servers will give you that fantastic experience of reliving the journey from the MMO gaming industry. Furthermore, you do not need to spend anything else to play the expansion, and it is available to all those players with an active subscription. Indeed, you will have more ways to experience the game you love from the start.

From this WoW Classic TBC Guide, you’ll find all the “new” elements that will be available to you when you load the game. As a result, you will know what to look for and how to experience the new elements of Azeroth when you continue the journey. So gather your friends and guildmates and overcome the many obstacles that you’ll come across in The Burning Crusade.

The WoW Classic TBC Guide

After you download the necessary files to your computer, you can load the new expansion in the Classic servers. As you may already know, not all of the “new” content will be available to you from the start. For example, you’ll need to have a level 58 character and essential quests completed. If you manage to meet the requirements, you should travel to the Dark Portal right away.

Either way, between the new content that you will find in The Burning Crusade, the best parts are the following elements:

Explore the Outlands: After you complete the introductory quests and pass through the portal, you will soon find new lands to explore. In these “uncharted” lands, new NPCs (NonPlayable Characters) and adventures are waiting for you. Moreover, you will have a new level cap (70) which ti solely can keep you busy for a while.  

Challenging Places (Dungeons and Raids): Relive or discover the multiple dangerous places that appear in The Burning Crusade. Through the new challenging zones, you’ll find new threats that will give you (and your friends) new ways to explore the World of Warcraft gaming mechanics. Furthermore, Blizzard’s developing team wants their virtual community to experience this next expansion as the old players had. Therefore, some Dungeon/Raid bosses will use their OP (overpowerful) attacks and abilities before the nerfs.

Meet the Blood Elves and the Draenei: Start anew or create another character with the two new races from The Burning Crusade. First of all, you’ll get the latest “Alien” type of race called Draenei. Learn from their questlines how they manage to land of Azeroth and their purpose in their new home. Secondly, you’ll have the chance to play as the Blood Elves from the Horde. Learn about their stories and how much they lost when the Scourge destroyed almost everything. Remember that you start in a new place with other maps to explore when you pick any race in World of Warcraft. As a result, you will have different ways to enjoy the expansion with this type of content.

Flying Mounts: In this part of the WoW TBC Guide, you’ll learn the different ways that you’ll get to travel across the new maps. Indeed, even though everyone gets to fly in the regular WoW servers, this feature is “new” in TBC. As a result, you can learn to fly in the Outlands, and you can only use your flying mounts in that area. Most noteworthy, the ability to use this way of traveling will not be available in the oldest maps at all (until further expansions hit the Classic servers). Moreover, the price to unlock the feature is too high, which means that you’ll need a lot of Gold from your pocket.

New Lore (Quests): With the new maps from The Burning Crusade, you’ll get to see new NPCs and questlines to follow. You’ll get to see recent events between the lines that will make a difference in the World of Warcraft servers. Furthermore, when you complete all of the upcoming tasks, you’ll surely get new rewards that can make your champion a little bit better. Above all, the “new” dialogue will keep you wanting more as you travel between the different zones.

More Ways to Experience the Bonuses from the Profession: If you have a little familiarity with the possible content from the expansions, you’ll know that the Professions’ level cap increases. Indeed, since this number goes higher, you’ll get to see new exciting recipes that make any of these gameplay elements a lot better. Still, though, if you want to reach level 375 quickly, you’ll need to invest a lot of Gold buying the new materials from the Auction House.

Unlock the Shaman for the Alliance or the Paladin for the Horde: Besides the new two races (Draenei and Blood Elves) in both of the main factions, you’ll get to see new classes in between. Indeed, you can opt to start your new Blood Elf as a Paladin or your Draenei as a Shaman. As a result, you can experience all the skills and abilities if you follow a single group. With these differences in the Classic servers, we now get to see different ways to create parties.

Buying Gold

Looking through the different new elements from the WoW TBC Guide, you’ll notice that almost all of it requires a lot of Gold. For example, you’ll need Gold for Riding Skills, Professions, Hero Abilities, and Flying Mounts. As a result, you could “farm” through all your gameplay sessions until you manage to keep something up. In contrast, you could Buy WoW Classic TBC Gold instead with real money and forget about that mundane process in the Classic WoW servers. Therefore, you can spend your playing time doing the exciting stuff right away.