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WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold Farming Guide



Earning gold in Burning Crusade Classic is the top priority of most players. Every player wants a reliable and easy way to earn gold in the Burning Crusade Classic game. Because with the help of gold, the player can do many interesting things and purchase various stuff. When you complete the levels in Burning Crusade Classic, you can earn some points and gold.

If you want to earn that gold fast, there are some other ways as well. But most WOW players are not familiar with such ways of generating gold quickly in the game. In the Burning Crusade Classic, you find many new and different opportunities to obtain gold. With the help of different methods, you can farm gold. The player can farm it in Azeroth and Outland. You can easily take advantage of your work or profession.

8 Easy Ways for Earning Gold in WOW TBC

There are many different ways of earning gold in the Burning Crusade Classic, but some of the most popular methods are below.

1. Sell Craft Items

Many crafted items are present in the game. Many players love to make crafts that can help them grow in the WOW game. The player can also make these crafted items by themselves.

These items can be sold at the auction house. By selling these crafted items, you can get a lot of profit in terms of gold. If you want to make gold from crafting, you have to be seriously involved in it. It is a profitable experience if you do it the right way. Other than this, you can even buy WOW TBC Classic gold.

2. Jewel Crafting

In the Burning Crusade Classic, there is a new addition which is known as Jewel Crafting. But Jewel Crafting is a little bit expensive, it is worth trying. You have to pay a lot of money to level it up. In this, you can collect gold by crafting jewelry and then selling it.

3. Tailoring

There is also another popular option in the Burning Crusade Classic, which is known as tailoring. Tailoring also gives players many profits and benefits. In this, you can make different things to sell.

You can make clothes, bags, and anything you want to sell, which will help you earn gold. The most important and specific item of Burning Crusade Classic is the spell cloth.

The spell cloth is used in different crafting things. Because of high demand, you can start creating spell cloth and begin selling it to make gold in the WOW game.

4. Choose Gathering Professions

If you do not love to make crafts, there is another option for you: choosing gathering professions. You can pick two gathering professions. This can be so profitable and useful for you. You can also farm different materials and make gold at the level of 70. With the help of gathering professions, you can make gold in various ways.

Before choosing the profession, you have to keep one thing in mind. Burning Crusade Classic introduces a new thing which is jewel crafting. Due to jewel crafting, the demand for ore gets too high. Due to this, you have to find the buyers of lower-level staff. If you choose low-level stuff from auction houses, you can easily level your crafting profession. The players usually do not find enough time to farm all the needed materials.

By leveling up the crafting profession, the player can get all the materials. If you want to level a profession, then herbalism is also good if you play a druid. The druids and flying ability can also help in this matter or you can buy WOW TBC Class gold by following the link.

5. Learn to Do Fishing

In the Burning Crusade Classic, fishing is a secondary profession. It is a lucrative and profitable profession. If you play in the new Outland zones, you have to choose fishing as a profession. The fish that you collect can be used in many different things. These can be used in different cooking recipes in the game. In this, you have the opportunity to fish up the Mote of Water.

This Mote of Water can then be turned into Primal Water. After this, the primal water is then sold in the auction house. Many players do not consider fishing as an exciting activity. But if you want to make gold in WOW Burning Crusade Classic, it can also be a good choice.

6. Daily Quests

Daily quests are another way of unlocking different items. The Burning Crusade Classic introduces the option of daily quests in it. It is an end-game way of having different things with different factions. Many times, the daily quests reward you with a lot of gold. The player should not ignore the reward of gold that is offered in daily quests. For a high amount of gold daily dungeon, quests are popular.

Daily dungeon quests are offered in Shattrath. These quests offer a high amount of gold. The other quests also provide the gold but at a decent amount. So, you have to decide which one you want to prioritize at the time of availability. If you have the dungeon quests or others simultaneously, you should choose dungeon quests. This quest will give you more profit than the other.

7. Use of Auction House

An auction house is another way of making gold. If you plan to make gold from this, you have to know the demand of your server, which can vary. You have to do well to start small from the Auction house. For this, you have to keep an eye on the little things and try focusing on the chosen market. It will help you to see its performance with time. Your efforts are also considered in it. You have to put all your efforts into it to get the desired result.

The Primals that are present in the auction house sell a lot. But the elements that are involved in Primals farmed very heavily. You have to put a lot of effort into farming it. But your effort and time will give you enough gold. On the other hand, if you want to sell just a few things, you do not need to do a lot of hard work. For selling small things, you do not need to put yourself in trouble. There is also another option that may surprise WOW players.

You can also earn a lot of gold by just simple options such as watching the market, buying things at a low price, and selling them at a high rate will give you a lot of profit. You can do all these things without any profession. The effective use of an auction house can give you a lot of benefits.

8. Use of Second Character

Having a second character can also be profitable for players. By having a second character, it is not important to level the character to 70. You can use this character as a bank or a mailbox. It means that you can transfer this stuff to the second character with any excess stuff you have. If you play in Outland, there is no auction house. So, if you want to sell things, you can make a second character.

In this way, you can store all the stuff and use them further when necessary. If you want to level another character, then it will also help you a lot. You can choose a couple of WoW classic professions and then put these characters to work. Besides, if you want, you can buy WOW TBC Classic gold from at a much reasonable price.