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World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Hunter Class Preview



The exploration of the Hunter class in the upcoming "World of Warcraft: Exploration Edition" promises to be an exciting journey for both veterans and newcomers to the game. As the release date draws near, players are eagerly anticipating what the new mode will bring, especially in terms of class changes and gameplay dynamics. In this preview, we'll delve into the expected changes and enhancements for the Hunter class, a popular choice for many due to its versatility and distinctive playstyle.

The New Hunter Abilities

One of the most notable additions is the "Lion's Guard" skill, akin to the Paladin's "Blessing of Kings." This ability boosts all attributes by 10%, solidifying the Hunter's position in raids and group play. Unlike other classes that may seem to have more flamboyant roles, the Hunter maintains its core as a damage-dealing class, with few major directional changes.

Three Distinct Hunter Playstyles

Solo Marksman: This style focuses on dealing damage without a pet.  The new "Lone Wolf" ability increases damage by 25% when no pet is active.  Additionally, high-level abilities such as "Explosive Shot," "Serpent Spread," and "Chimaera Shot" are introduced, along with "Sniper Training" and "Expose Weakness," significantly boosting critical hits and attack power.  This playstyle allows for a more independent and burst-heavy approach.

Beast Mastery: This style revolves around leveraging the pet for substantial damage.  With the addition of "Kill Command," "Cobra Shot," and "Beast Control," pets become more robust, capable of even main-tanking in dungeons.  This playstyle emphasizes a symbiotic relationship between the Hunter and their pet, with a focus on pet-based damage and control.

Melee Survival: Perhaps the most significant change for Hunters is in this style.  It involves engaging in close combat alongside the pet.  The new "Flanking Strike" skill allows both the Hunter and pet to deal 100% melee damage simultaneously.  Abilities like "Mongoose Bite" and "Raptor Strike" are enhanced, and a new melee AOE skill, "Carve," is introduced, filling a gap in the Hunter's close-range arsenal.

In conclusion, the "World of Warcraft: Exploration Edition" brings exciting changes to the Hunter class, offering diverse and enriched playstyles. While much is still unknown and subject to change during the development process, these anticipated updates paint a promising picture for Hunters in the new expansion. For players looking to enhance their experience further, purchasing gold from can provide an added advantage in exploring these new class features and enjoying the game to its fullest.