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World of Warcraft P2 Open Beta



In the national service players are still torn where to go, Blizzard suddenly opened the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgia service P2 stage test, and from the content of the test, and the original version of the P2 stage is still very different.

In terms of the group book, Blizzard boosted the drop level of O'Doul, for example, the drop level of the 10-person normal mode was raised from 219 to 225, which is basically the drop level of the 25-person Kelsulgard. In view of the 10 person mode 1 BOSS will have dropped the law single-handed sword, so in a sense, players no longer need to dwell on the reverse tide.

In addition to the 10 people ordinary mode, 25 people ordinary mode also increased by 6 load level, and difficult mode is directly increased by 13 load level, which also led to many of the best equipment can directly across the P3 stage.

For example, the Flame of Heaven dropped by General Vizaks in the 25-player difficulty mode, originally 239 levels, became 252 levels directly after the change. The resident attributes changed from 120 points of bludgeoning to 135 points of bludgeoning, and the trigger effects changed from 850 points of spell strength to 959 points of spell strength, a level increase sufficient to bring this equipment directly to ICC.

In addition to the regular equipment, the most noteworthy should be the orange hammer. The original version of the 245 load level of the orange hammer in the test service became 258 level, which is already 25 people heroic difficulty TOC drop load level, so for all the healing profession, the orange hammer has become the version of the graduation equipment without compromise.

Interestingly, in addition to the treatment profession and the legal profession, some of the melee profession also played the idea of the orange hammer, the reason is to enhance the level of the load, the orange hammer white word damage is also very strong. But unfortunately, it did not take long for Blizzard to announce that it would weaken the white damage of the orange hammer, which also put off the intention of the melee profession to get the orange hammer.

The main change in the P2 stage group book is to improve the equipment level, and the real change is the five-player book. the P2 stage five-player book is named Titan Rune Dungeon, mainly contains the following aspects of the changes.

1, 5 people this door increased a rune stone, players can manually open, after opening will randomly add a word to the dungeon, a total of 6 kinds of words, in addition to increasing NPC blood and damage, there will be additional special effects, such as the shadow word BOSS in the attack on the player will have a chance to net the player.

2, five people this regular BOSS will drop an additional 200 level of purple equipment, some equipment is 10 people NAX, some equipment is new. The Tail King will drop an additional 200-rank T7 set and a 213-rank scattered piece.

3, the new version of five people will drop courage tiles, it is clear that this mechanism is very friendly to small numbers, five people do not need to go to play P1 stage group book after graduation, directly to play 10 people Oduar.

At the beginning players were worried that the Titan Rune dungeon would be very difficult, the results of the test found that it is not difficult, a blue suit of template number can easily play through. Players can use lootwow to buy their desired gear or materials from the shop and make their characters enhanced in the raids or dungeons quest.

I have to say, the P2 stage changes are still very attractive, but for the national service players, what is the significance of these changes?

According to the past progress, from the test service open to the official online generally need 1 and a half months of time, the national service is still 2 months of time, not to mention that NetEase will not open the P2 stage, even if the P2 stage, but also at most only half a month of time, and this half month of time is still before the Spring Festival, so the national service players can experience the P2 stage is still an unknown.