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Warcraft WLK: P2 stage "strongest" occupation, double system breakthrough 10000 second injury



In the previous P2 stage test, players saw the difficulty level of the Odur copy. However, due to the varying levels of players involved in the test, the DPS gap between the professions was high and low. So before the P2 stage opened, players conducted a simulation test for each profession

The so-called mock test is the use of software to do the test, although the mock test often exists a certain error, but in the same suit, approach and BUFF situation, the data is relatively fair, and WLK version of the professional output is also relatively simple, which further increases the reliability of the mock test.

The DPS of 4 specialties broke through 10,000 points, according to the order of high and low are evil DK, assassination thief, pain and ice DK. only DK this one occupation is a double system breakthrough 10,000 second damage, even evil magic second damage did not break through 10,000 points, so it can be seen, WLK version of the heroic profession DK how strong it is. At the same time, DK has also become the strongest profession in the P2 stage.

This simulation data is basically the same as the actual test data of the test suit, DK, warlock and stalker are the three strongest DPS professions in the P2 stage, DK's advantage is non-destructive AOE, warlock's advantage is multi-target combat, stalker's advantage is single ability.

Most of the bosses in Odur require mobile combat, and these 3 professions have one more thing in common, that is, the loss in mobile combat is minimal. On the contrary, other professions have more or less the problem of losing DPS in mobile combat, so in terms of damage naturally can not match the three giants.

For example, the bird de this profession, seemingly AOE ability is very powerful, once involved in the need for frequent positioning of the battle, bird de DPS will plummet, after all, both the swarm, or moon fire art can not be used as the main damage skills.

In the simulation data ranked in the bottom three occupations are discipline riding, warrior and mage.

The reason for the low DPS of the fire law has been mentioned above, it seems that the P2 stage attributes improve, can support the mage's blast chance, but turn fire and mobile combat ability is too poor for the fire law to play at all, which is also the reason why the test suit zero light first kill team did not take the mage.

Warrior DPS in the P1 stage is the bottom, P2 stage equipment to enhance the ability of the warrior, but before the inability to reach full break, the warrior's anger acquisition still has a big problem, so the warrior wants to really rise, at least need to wait until the end of the P3 stage.

The actual performance of the disciplinary rider in the P1 stage is more than the warrior, with the arrival of the P2 stage, the warrior can already exceed the disciplinary rider after achieving a soft full break, while the disciplinary rider still needs to continue to wait for the T10 set, after all, the output cycle of the disciplinary rider is problematic, only the T10 set can make up for the blank period.

Although this is only a simulation test, but still more informative, especially the three strongest professions and the two bottom professions, the basic is not an accident. If you plan to replace the first career in the P2 stage, then you can use it as a reference. 

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