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Warcraft WLK: P2 stage 3 new changes



According to previous analysis, there is still a week to go before the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgia service will open the P2 stage. Here we'll take a look at the latest changes made by Blizzard for the P2 stage.

Add cross-services teaming function

Cross-services teaming in the official service has been very perfect, while the nostalgic service has not been this function, which also led to many ghost service players can not play the game normally, want to get the game experience can only be transferred to the service, once transferred to a more popular server, may also face the problem of queuing.

In order for different players to be able to team up to play the game, Blizzard opened the cross-services teaming function in the test service, players only need to add the name of the server corresponding to the target when teaming up to complete the cross-services teaming.

Although this cross-services team function currently only works in the battlefield and arena, but from the foreign player's information, Blizzard is intended to be perfected in the mechanism after the role of PVE play. With the cross-services team function, players no longer need to tangle with the server heat, even in the ghost service can also easily team team.

Winter Embrace Lake essence BUFF repair

Winter Embrace Lake is the WLK version of the new large PVP battlefield, in accordance with Blizzard's previous settings, in the specified time their side of the camp as long as a victory, then you can get the Winter Embrace Lake essence BUFF.

However, under the influence of the bug, the Winter Embrace Lake Essence will be quickly topped off by the opening of the next battle. For example, the last battle ended at 12:15 and the alliance won, at this time the alliance was having the Winter Embrace Lake Essence BUFF. The next battle opens at 12:16, and the Alliance's Winter Lake Essence BUFF disappears.

After the repair, the Winter Embrace Lake Essence BUFF will run according to the original setting, no matter how many times the Winter Embrace Lake battle occurred within 30 minutes, as long as a victory was obtained, you will definitely get the BUFF, which is definitely a very good news for the Alliance side with smaller numbers.

Kenretto Ring Level Up

P1 stage many players have gotten their hands on the 8500 gold Kenretto ring, the original P2 stage Kenretto ring can be upgraded to 213 installed level. p2 stage O'Doul drops equipment to enhance the installed level, it is reasonable to say that Kenretto ring should also enhance the installed level, but Blizzard did not give this ring to enhance the equipment level, still according to the original data of 213 installed level.

With the opening of the second test of O'Doul, Blizzard also finally remembered the ring, from 213 suit level directly to 225 suit level. You should know that the T8 set also only upgraded the 6 level, so it can be seen that Blizzard is still very concerned about these players who have gotten their hands on the Kenretto ring, and after upgrading the level, the Kenretto ring will also become a BIS suit for many professions in a short time.

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