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Warcraft WLK: Blizzard announced P2 detailed drop rules



Compared to the original version, World of Warcraft WLK nostalgia service P2 stage copy drops have changed a lot. Although a part of the players involved in the P2 test service, but because Blizzard has not announced detailed drop rules, so players are only with the feeling to speculate. As the opening time of the P2 stage gets closer and closer, Blizzard has finally announced the detailed drop rules, the following will make a comb. 

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgia service P2 stage copy mode is divided into ordinary five people, hero five people, titan word five people, P1 group book and P2 group book.

Blizzard's latest announced rules are as follows.

Ordinary five people and hero five people book drops the same level of equipment, to purify Statholm for example, P1 stage ordinary mode drops 187 level equipment, hero mode drops 200 level equipment, P2 stage after ordinary mode still drops 187 level equipment, hero mode still drops 200 level equipment. This also makes part of the players who intend to get high level soul protector jewelry disappointed.

The Titan Words for Five is a new mode for the P2 stage, and the drops for this mode are divided into regular boss drops and tail king drops.

The regular bosses will drop an additional 10-person NAXX and 10-person Black Dragon equipment, in addition to maintaining the original drop (200-grade blue suit), and include a 200-grade T7 suit. These equipment drop rates are all random, there is no which BOSS corresponds to which piece of equipment of the statement.

The Tail King will drop an additional 10-man Kelsulgard, 10-man Blue Dragon, and 10-man Black Dragon 2+1 gear in addition to the original drop (200-rank Blue and Purple). That is, players just brush 5H to get a set of 213-grade equipment, and includes 213-grade T7 suit.

Although the titan word five people book and will not drop 25 people group book equipment, but for small and just to the global service players, is definitely a very big boost, not to mention the P2 stage five people book also drops courage tiles. A trip to 12H every day, soon you will be able to reach the P1 stage pseudo-graduation attributes. 

P1 stage 10 person mode group book drops the same big change, before 10 person book will only drop 200-213 level equipment, P2 stage open, including NAXX, blue dragon and black dragon, all 10 person mode group book will drop 25 person mode equipment. This means that players will have a chance to get the reverse tide when they go to play 10 person NAXX, and a chance to get the dragon soul tome when they go to play 10 person black dragon.

In 25 people, in addition to the original drop, P2 stage after the opening of each BOSS will increase additional drops, it is not known exactly how many additional drops, but according to predictions, each BOSS will drop at least 2 additional pieces of equipment, so the P1 stage and P2 stage alternating time, is the best time for players to improve equipment. Players can go to a professional and safe website to buy gold to upgrade their equipment. For example, www.lootwow is a great choice, with fast shipping and affordable prices. You can take a look at it for reference.