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Warcraft WLK: 4 BIS equipment to get enhanced



Compared to the original version, the WLK nostalgia service P2 stage Odur drops a higher level of equipment. Perhaps because there are too many types of equipment in O'Doul's, resulting in a mistake when modifying the value, so there are some equipment effects are not raised to a reasonable value, so Blizzard has strengthened these equipment in the latest patch.

Blizzard in the blue post mentioned a total of 4 equipment, the following we look at each of these equipment to enhance the magnitude of how much.

The first piece of equipment is the 25-man dismantler drop of the vengeful heart magic seal. Although this equipment is the graduation jewelry of the evil DK in the P2 stage, and the level has been raised to 232, but its value is obviously problematic.

Before Blizzard in the blue post clearly said that DK's magic seal there is a low value of the problem, but has not really fixed, and this repair for DK is also a kind of strengthening. From fixing the stone ghost, to fixing the magic seal, DK, who could have been running rampant in the wild group, will also continue to lead the way for some time to come.

The second piece of equipment is the dark matter dropped by the 10 person mode observer Olgallon, this trinket can be considered a quasi-BIS equipment for all physical professions, but before the change, the trigger effect of this trinket is only 647 points of attack strength, and after the change, the trigger effect of this trinket reached 692 points of attack strength.

From 647 points of attack strength to 692 points of attack strength, after calculating the trigger chance and coverage rate, the direct improvement reaches about 7%, this level of improvement can be said to be very fragrant.

The third piece of equipment is the meteorite crystal dropped by the 10 man mode observer Olgaon, both from the resident high intelligence, or from the blue back special effects, this is the best equipment for milk riding, and is also affectionately called "violet jewelry puls" by milk riding players.

After the change, the original meteor crystal effect is 60 points per layer 5 seconds back to blue, according to the 1.4 seconds of the big light casting time, 20 seconds can stack 28 layers, about 3300 points of blue recovery, 5 back to 140 points, and after the change meteor crystal 5 seconds per layer back to 68 points, after the same calculation, about 3800 points of blue recovery, equivalent to 5 back to 159 points.

Compared to the first three equipment, the fourth equipment changes have attracted more players' attention, this equipment is previously in a gold group was shot to a million gold coins of the Comet's Trace.

The Comet's Trace only 25 people mode observer Olgallon drops the physical department graduation jewelry, currently able to play off 25 people Olgallon's team is very few and far between, the physical department's spending power itself and very high, often able to enter this team's physical department occupation are on behalf of the trainer on the number, shoot equipment and no P key.

Before the change, the trigger effect of Comet's Trace was 768 points of haste, after the change the haste was increased to 819 points. It seems that the increase in attributes is not too much, but this level of equipment itself has a very high value, often improve a few values can make its value multiplied, and for tycoon players, 100W gold and 200W gold is no difference in essence.

These equipment before the change has been very strong, after the change can be used directly to ICC, no surprise, in the next period of time the tycoon players will also grab the head for these equipment. In today's WLK version, gold is really indispensable, buy wow gold is the most normal thing nowadays, Players can use lootwow website to check it out.