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Throne and Liberty: Extremely Unique Game Play Introduction



We think many players have heard that after many years NC finally launched a new work, which is MMORPG Throne and Liberty. This article will bring you the introduction of the Throne and Liberty strategy book. In this game, the player will be in the guise of a brave man, in this wide and boundless world, their own adventure, but also to form their own city, to protect the people you want to protect, the game play is very much, freedom is also extremely high, as long as the player can think of MMO mode, basically can be found in the kingdom, of course, some players will be curious about what game play, we will be from the essence of the concept, the game environment, the combat system, pvp game and several aspects of the Throne and Liberty.

Nature of the Concept:

The developers speak of a game of Throne and Liberty that has no boundaries, it is a game that allows players to connect directly with each other and offers unlimited ways to interact. This game is designed to be a seamless open type game, which means that between areas and areas, there will no longer be a jumping waiting screen, similar to the kind of World of Warcraft. After all, it was developed by the Korean company NCSOFT, which can still be trusted. 

Game Environment:

It is very good in terms of character movement and visual effects. No matter what kind of Dungeon there is an independent entrance and Dungeon content, there are multiple spaces composed of them, and we connect all of them together, and we can even do it directly from the highest level to the lowest level. From here we see that the Dungeon is not necessarily a linear unfolding, there may be multi-dimensional and multi-faceted Dungeons. And they also show this in the trailer, the game's purpose hope that players can enjoy this new space experience. Players can find their way through the three-dimensional terrain of Throne and Liberty, truly making all roads lead to Rome.

The game also adds the function of phantom animals, which players can use to traverse various strange terrains and also to fight with enemies. The appearance of this feature replaces the traditional mmo mount gameplay.

Another great feature of the game is the weather system, the game's weather will change over time, and the game's terrain will also change to suit the environment. Of course the weather not only affects the npc's in the game, but also the players, for example, the weather will affect the archer's shooting speed, and the mage's lightning skill will change from a single target to a group target in a storm.

Combat System:

The next step is to talk about what players care most about. The developers have said that combat is the backbone of mmo games, and our combat system will not be like any previous game in which the player's role is determined by the weapon they choose. Players are no longer limited to so many professions set out in the game and can change the weapons they use at any time to suit a variety of environments. The game supports the connection of different weapons with skills, allowing players to fully experience the fun of freedom to combine and configure their weapons exactly according to their preferences and habits. This is the new free profession system added to King's Quest. Each weapon has an independent skill tree, and players can choose to equip two weapons with two different sets of weapons, which can make up for the shortcomings of a single weapon. Each weapon type offers a defensive action to protect the player. This gameplay gives players the room to have micro-management.

PVP Play:

Players can decide whether to participate in siege battles or world bosses, and in this play style, it is allowed to pk each other. Officially, the Blessing Stone and Sublime Stone are mentioned. These two stones are synthesized together and are called Possession Stones. Obtaining Possession Stones can increase the union's ability and also purchase the necessary materials, and fierce battles will arise between unions for this purpose. In order to gain an advantage in the battle, players must know the terrain where the Possession Stones are located and set up defensive facilities. Of course players can also Buy Throne and Liberty Adena on third party sites to increase the defense and combat power of weapons, here we recommend lootwow, a stable and safe place.

The above is the relevant play strategy of kingship and freedom, hope to give you a little help in the game, players need to constantly master new skills and strategies, also need to constantly improve their tactics and weapons, in order to be able to be invincible in the game, enjoy the fun of the game. If you are also interested in the Throne and Liberty, you can try it.