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Several Best Armor Sets in New World



Welcome to the New World, where the best armor sets are highly coveted by players looking to protect themselves and improve their combat abilities. In this article, we will introduce several of the top armor sets available and share some tips on how to obtain the perfect armor set for your needs in the New World.

First up, we have the Legendary Shadow Set. This set is designed for stealthy characters, offering bonuses to movement speed and critical strike chance when attacking from the shadows. It is also highly durable, with a strong resistance to damage. Players can obtain the Legendary Shadow Set by completing high-level raids and defeating powerful bosses.

Next, we have the Mythic Plate Set. This set is perfect for tanking and soaking up damage, with its high armor rating and ability to reduce incoming damage. It also provides bonuses to health and endurance, making it a great choice for long battles. Players can obtain the Mythic Plate Set by completing challenging dungeons and defeating tough enemies.

For those who prefer a more agile playstyle, the Epic Leather Set is a great choice. It offers bonuses to dodge and movement speed, as well as increased critical strike damage. It is also highly versatile, allowing players to switch between different roles depending on their needs. Players can obtain the Epic Leather Set by completing quests and participating in world events.

Finally, we have the Rare Mail Set. This set is perfect for ranged characters, providing bonuses to ranged attack speed and damage. It is also highly resistant to magical attacks, making it a great choice for those facing spellcasters. Players can obtain the Rare Mail Set by defeating rare elites and completing special objectives.

No matter which armor set you choose, it is important to keep an eye out for upgrades and to tailor your set to your playstyle. One way to ensure you have the best armor for your needs is to farm gold and purchase items from trusted sources such as With a wide selection of armor and other gear available, is a great place to find the perfect set for your character. So why wait? Head on over to today and start your journey to becoming the ultimate hero of the New World!