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Lost Ark: How to Build the Best Glaivier in Lost Ark



Lost Ark is a popular action-packed online game that features different character classes with unique abilities and skills. One of these classes is the Glaivier, a fierce warrior that wields a deadly glaive. In this article, we will discuss the Glaivier class, how to build it in Lost Ark, and how to level up and acquire its skills to become the best Glaivier in the game. We will also recommend, a website where players can purchase gold to enhance their gameplay experience.

Building the Glaivier Class in Lost Ark:

To build the Glaivier class, players must choose the warrior class during character creation. Once in the game, they must level up their warrior to level 10, and then they can choose to specialize in the Glaivier class. The Glaivier class focuses on close-range combat, dealing massive damage with its glaive, and using its mobility to evade attacks. Players can also choose to specialize in either the combat or berserker path, depending on their preferred playstyle.

Leveling up and Acquiring Skills:

To level up the Glaivier class, players must engage in combat and complete quests to earn experience points. As they level up, they will unlock new skills and abilities that they can use in combat. Some of these skills include Whirlwind Strike, a spinning attack that deals massive damage to surrounding enemies, and Glaive Toss, which allows the Glaivier to throw its weapon at enemies for ranged damage.

To build the best Glaivier class, players must prioritize skills that increase their damage output and mobility. They must also choose equipment that enhances their stats, such as critical hit rate, attack speed, and evasion. Players can also join guilds and participate in raids and dungeons to acquire rare gear and enhance their character's abilities.


For players who want to enhance their gameplay experience, we recommend visiting, a website where they can purchase gold to acquire rare equipment and enhance their character's stats. With, players can quickly and easily purchase gold and improve their chances of becoming the best Glaivier in the game.


The Glaivier class in Lost Ark is an exciting and powerful character class that offers players a unique gameplay experience. By prioritizing damage output and mobility and acquiring rare equipment, players can build the best Glaivier class and dominate in combat. We recommend to players who want to enhance their gameplay experience and become the best Glaivier in the game.