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Diablo IV: World BOSS Mechanism Introduction & Hitting Strategy



Diablo 4 has been launched beta, the first world BOSS activities have also been online, some players think this BOSS is too strong do not know how to play, this article brings you Diablo 4 world BOSS mechanism introduction and play strategy.

world BOSS mechanism introduction

World boss, a group of 10 or so people. Diablo 4 highest intensity of the regiment is also 10 or so people. Then more players are assigned to other realms to fight bosses.

World of Warcraft boss battle in the control effect is useless, so dps professions fight bosses only to pursue pure damage. But Diablo 4 boss battle, the skills attached to the control effect will give the boss a crippling value (such as ice arrows have a slowing effect on the crippling value, although the fireball damage higher but no crippling value), the value of the boss will break hands and feet and a short period of paralysis, the ability to significantly reduce the difficulty of the next battle.

A world boss has multiple crippling effects, such as the first time the crippling value played full of broken only hands, then the value of clear 0, the value then played full of broken only feet ...... (here to praise. The direct impact is that the contribution of each occupation group battle will no longer simply look at dps, in the long boss battle, the benefit of disabled bosses is not necessarily lower than simply improve dps, control techniques in the boss battle also have benefits ----- here basically subvert the traditional online game player's perception. pvp on point control, pve on point damage, originally skills / talent point is to produce The style of play, rather than produce purposeful play.

The world boss battle is more play heartbeat advanced battle (easy to extinguish the group). boss battle, in addition to the use of limited reply way, more important is to rely on the act operation to avoid a lot of damage, Diablo 4 attaches great importance to the use of control technology and decontrol technology, it hopes to play a role in pvp and pve. So do not eat control boss battle, control technology can also gain, and bosses also have a lot of group control, decontrol technology is often a way to circumvent the boss huge amount of damage to save your life.

The control effect of Diablo 4 is not diminishing.

World BOSS fight strategy

1, The world boss has bleeding damage, when you are in this skill to even drink several bottles of blood to not die.

2, remember not to stand in front of the boss head, or will be a bite dead.

3, do not stand too far away from the remote, melee position is safer.

4, when the boss put a claw to the far side of the time is to turn the circle, two consecutive turns. This time follow the boss, stand melee position is fine.

5, when the boss put two claws are sure to it in front of both sides of the ground, this time to far between its sides, stand behind the boss ass or rush two people far away on the move.

6, the poisonous water damage on the ground is not high, will not be seconds, really no bit Kwik hide, stand for a while is fine.

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