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Diablo IV: Seven Practical Game Opening Knowledge



Blizzard Entertainment's new game "Diablo 4" has been officially launched on June 6. It is well worth our time to experience it. This article will introduce seven very practical tips and tricks to open the drought, I hope it will help interested players.

Push the main level

Once you've created your character, the highest priority is to push the main level! Because many of the game's systems (e.g., mounts, etc.) require the appropriate amount of mainline progress to unlock, while more challenging enemies and more attractive equipment come later. In other words, don't actively clear up side quests at the beginning (of course, some can be solved along the way). It is worth mentioning: after we get to level 15, we will open up career quests, and after completing them, we will open up the specialization system. So it is recommended that once you level up, you immediately go to complete the career quests, because there is a world of difference between a character with and without a specialization.

Interact more with scene objects

Scavenging items in the scene is a basic ritual of playing role-playing games, and in Diablo 4, in addition to picking up the obvious, you can also interact with plants, minerals, treasure chests, statues, and so on, for resources. Although there are not many drops in this area, there is an idiom that says that a little goes a long way, and the cumulative income can still be significant. When you find a lack of some common materials when strengthening, and then specifically to find, the mood will be bad.

Handling of early equipment

When we push the main line, we can get a lot of equipment, most of these are not good things, we can just choose the highest strength. And these equipment generally speaking there are two ways to deal with, one is to dismantle into materials, the other is directly sold for money. Here it is recommended to dismantle the main, because the early equipment is actually not too valuable, we have the main line to give the gold is enough, and tear down for the material can be used to strengthen.

Handling of Area Reputation

In Diablo 4, we go to complete the task and exploration will accumulate the so-called regional reputation, when the reputation reaches a certain value can unlock a variety of rewards. As early as pushing the main line is more important, it is not recommended to brush prestige, but I personally recommend that you get the prestige to 500 points this grade, because you can get 1 skill points and 1 potion use times, very practical! After the main line is pushed and then turn back to get the rest of the prestige rewards, will be more efficient.

How to use Whispering Coins

Players can get Whispering Coins after dealing with various random events on the big map, and this Whispering Coins can be used to buy random equipment from special NPCs in towns. So far, this system in Diablo 4 is not a pitfall, the probability of getting legendary equipment is not low. Since Whispering Coins have a holding limit, you can take your chances and change your crappy equipment. In addition, Whispering Coins can also be exchanged at the "Mystery Merchant" in the main city for the Whispering Key key, which can be used to open the locked "Whispering Treasure Chest".

Skill Reset

In the game, players can reset their skill points for free until level 15, while they can also spend gold to reset after that. It is worth mentioning: the early reset cost is very cheap, which is to encourage people to try various skill combinations and get familiar with various genres of operation. Among other things, when it comes to upgrading skills, the additional effects of upgrading skills have a higher priority than upgrading skill levels.


When we reach the specified level (for example: level 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 70, 80, 90), remember to go to the town to upgrade their own potions to increase the amount of recovery; complete a specific dungeon can unlock the power codex, which can attach abilities to rare equipment, try to give priority to take the special effects that are helpful to their own school, in the middle is the main way to improve the player's combat power; in the dungeon can press E (handle In the dungeon, you can press E (the up arrow key) to leave, or directly use the teleport back to the city, without running back to the exit.

All of the above are newbie opening tips, hope to help the players who need it, of course, here is also recommended lootwow website, where there is professional game knowledge popularization, as well as Buy Diablo 4 Gold and equipment. Safe and fast. It is a very good supply station for the game.