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Diablo IV: Equipment System Analysis



Diablo IV's equipment system is the most important part of Build gameplay. What about the Diablo 4 equipment system? Here we bring you the Diablo 4 equipment system analysis, take a look at it.

Equipment system analysis

The attack and defense attributes are simplified, removing the main attributes such as force, sensitivity, resistance and intelligence, the main attribute is: attack + how much, defense + how much. Blizzard means: attack and defense enhancements at a glance, a variety of additional attributes is what you want to tangle with.

Attack only appears in weapons, defense only appears in defense equipment, jewelry without attack and defense are a variety of additional attributes. In order to make each type of equipment more in line with conventional perception.

Canceled the shoulder armor. The official said mainly for art considerations, this reason is a little far-fetched.

The strength of the later set (green), at best, and legendary equipment (dark gold) on par.

There is no Swire, the highest level of mythical equipment (red suit). But the whole body of the mythical equipment can only be equipped with one.

Runic Language: Conditional rune + effect rune = Runic Language. For example, if the condition rune - when the target freezes, and the effect rune - cast a meteorite spell, these 2 runes set into a piece of equipment will have the effect: when the target freezes, cast a meteorite spell.

The game has all the additional effects of the "chance", that is, literally, how much is how much, will not be calculated and discounted according to your skill trigger rate.

The new affixes: Ancestral Power - increases the chance of hit effect triggering; Angelic Power - increases the duration of all buffs; Demonic Power - increases the duration of all debuffs. Through these 3 attributes you can strengthen the effects of various skills, and they are also the conditions for the activation of certain equipment attributes.

Reduce drop yield and improve drop quality.

Some rules about equipment dropping and trading

Currently Diablo 4 uses what is commonly known as smart drop rules, meaning you can only get equipment and word banks related to your profession most of the time. For example, the ranger is unlikely to brush out shoes that increase the barbarian skill affixes.

But for dark gold equipment, it should be dropped globally, after all, too rare

And according to the official blue post, dark gold equipment drops are very precious, each character can only drop 10-20 pieces per season.

Which items can be traded?

Either an item is tradable or it is not, in which case an item is marked Account Bound in the tooltip. Currently there is no restricted or limited trading. Here is an overview:

Tradable: Common items; Magic items; Rare items; Gold; Gems; Elixirs.

Untradable: Legendary items & Aspects; Unique items; Enchanted items; All other currencies buy Gold; Quest items.

It is worth noting that, according to UP's experience, it is recommended to try to pick up yellow rare equipment, leaving the replaceable, the rest are sold for gold is the best, because the early need for a lot of gold to expand the warehouse page, try not to decompose equipment to get materials, because the early also do not need materials to process temporary transition clothes. If you need to Buy Diablo 4 Gold, recommend lootwow website, his price is fair, and fast shipping, you can collect for emergencies.