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What is the Safest Way to Buy Wow Wotlk Classic Gold?



Account Action Notification from Blizzard

“Recent activity shows that a user on this account acquired gold through illicit means, such as gold buying, botting, or participating in other real-money transactions. As a result of this activity we have suspended this account until YYYY-MM-DD.”


The notification you see above is a nightmare for every waking World of Warcraft player in the world. All heroes of Azeroth are incessantly engaged in not only bringing victory to their respective factions but also find themselves plundering the riches from time to time. To relish the luxuries and to wear and equip the finest gear and weaponry ever to be crafted/forged by eminent merchants. The notification shown to you, verbatim is Blizzard’s way of informing you that they have taken swift action against your account for trespassing the guidelines of their game to acquire gold from elsewhere. Players who get flagged with this were caught purchasing gold with real world money. The Blizzard team monitors in-game activities like a hawk on a daily basis and those who are gullible enough to be transparent about it are easily busted— endangering the very accessibility to their account. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to walk you through a safe and guided procedure on what is the safest way to buy Wrath of the Lich King Classic gold. 

However, before we commence with the cardinal subject of this article, it is imperative for an overall understanding that we first fully understand the repercussions of utilizing the wrong means for acquiring World of Warcraft Classic Gold. Blizzard’s wrath of judgement will not cease at account ban alone; they will go as far as to discard all the gold you’d have purchased from that particular account. Hence, alongside your account, your money will go to waste too. Anything already bought with the purchased gold such as any item or mount will be confiscated as well. Suspension should be avoided at all costs. With all said, we now reveal to you a recommended and verified method of buying World of Warcraft Wotlk Classic gold without getting banned. Activate the hearthstone, relax at an inn and continue reading. 

Buying Safe Wow Classic Gold 

World of Warcraft Classic series serves as a time capsule. Blizzard fathomed the essentiality of nostalgia and decided to pack it in Wow Classic where everything we love and cherish— once lost in the sands of time— the simplicity, returns. And now, with the return of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, there’s no doubting the fact that many retired players will come back to overthrow the leader of the scourge, Arthas. 

But enough digressing, returning to buying safe Wow Classic gold, the notion of trading real money for in-game gold coins can be traced back to Wow Burning Crusade expansion era. Over the years, the practice of acquiring gold with real money gained more prominence in the gaming community; however, where there are shortcuts, there is exploitation. In the contemporary year of 2022, one must tread lightly. Buying in-game gold off the internet impetuously comes with its risks. 

In a nutshell, when you decide to buy World of Warcraft Wotlk Classic gold, here are some key factors you should look out for: 

1:Avoid hackers who try to sell gold and items stolen from other fellow members of the Horde or the Alliance— these items can get tracked easily and will lead to suspension of your account 

2:Refrain from conducting face-to-face gold transactions since they are being vigilantly monitored by the team of Blizzard 

3:Gold transactions via in-game mail are not risk-free as well; thereby, albeit safer, Blizzard’s track record history and efficient monitoring system can detect suspicious activity 

4:Placing your money and sensitive information in the hands of unreputable Wow Classic gold-buying websites which have a flawed security system

Elaborating on the last point, many websites are true to their cause and carry clean intentions of providing you with World of Warcraft Classic gold in exchange for generous costs, but their carelessness in terms of implementing the appropriate protocols and precautions will have severe consequences. An example of this will be the sellers not abiding by the practice of silence between them and the buyers. What you need is a renowned platform with more than a decade of experience in dealing with World of Warcraft gold transactions and a platform that now also specializes in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich king Classic gold. 

Why is it safe to trade World of Warcraft Wotlk Classic Gold through auction at Lootwow website

1: auction epic items safe, because the auction house transactions are so common, the price of many items may be arbitrarily set with the will of the player, and you may see a lot of outrageously priced items in the ah, so Blizzard can not review each order through special items, you can list some regular epic items of items, such as (nexus crystal or void crystal)

2: No communication between buyer and seller (If you choose to trade f2f, you can more or less talk to the gold farmer. Blizzard will monitor the chat system in WoW Classic, once Blizzard thinks your chat and finds the transaction suspicious. Then your account may be banned. And mail gold if the frequency is very high, Blizzard will also banned your account) but the auction house is a huge marketplace, everyone can buy and sell items at will, Blizzard will not monitor you. And you only need to leave the relevant auction house information in the Lootwow website, we go to buyout on it.

3: Lootwow website will strictly check the source of so gold coins, we promise that all gold are produced by regular gold farmers, we will not use stolen gold or script gold like other websites.

4: We promise that if you buy coins through our website and your account is banned, we will choose to give you an unconditional refund. We believe that no other website can do this!

From browsing for WoW Wotlk classic gold to buying it, and through the after-experience, Lootwow's helpline will be with you at all times. Your personal information is safeguarded by Lootwow — leaving no vacancy for information leaks. Lootwow is known for showing their utmost diligence and honesty in conducting their dealings. Feel free to check out the reviews left behind by former customer(s). In the contemporary, is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot. 

The Reign of the Lich King has begun and there is no end to his malice and terror. Bring him down by equipping the best of best gear and weaponry! Shop safely.